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USD $295.00

3400 hvlpTAN LITE

The powerful 3400 hvlpTAN™ Turbine is a combination of convenience, durability, and power. Weighing only 4.2 pounds, this portable feather light yet durable machine is a star performer. In addition to its high impact resistant case, it has an applicator holder slot to conveniently rest the applicator when not in use. It comes installed with a washable and replaceable air intake filter plus a reset safety switch. It is easy to operate, transforming you into a professional almost instantly. You can always rely on the optimal performance of the hvlpTAN™ Turbine.

The attractively designed TAN7400 applicator has stainless steel fluid components, adjustable spray pattern and adjustable fluid control. This gives the user full command and a relaxing worry-free spraying experience. The handle of the TAN7400 is a comfort grip handle, which stays cool to the touch even when spraying for lengthy sessions. Cleaning and maintenance after every use has never been simpler. You will achieve efficiency and productivity in no time. The applicator is built to continuously blow air even if the trigger is released. Easy attachment to the air hose with a quick connect fitting.

  • Canadian manufacturer FUJI SPRAY.
  • hvlpTAN™ Turbine.
  • 12-months manufacturer warranty.
  • TAN400 bleed valve style Applicator with 300cc Cup (holds 10 oz of solution).
  • 10-feet lightweight whip hose with quick connect.
  • Adjustable spray pattern and fluid control knob.
  • Turbine with washable/replaceable air filter and applicator holder slot.
  • User manual
  • Wrench and cleaning brush
  • Perfect for light use

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