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USD $295.00

3400 hvlpTAN LITE

The powerful 3400 hvlpTAN™ Turbine is a combination of convenience, durability, and power. Weighing only 4.2 pounds, this portable feather light yet durable machine is a star performer. In addition to its high impact resistant case, it has an applicator holder slot to conveniently rest the applicator when not in use. It comes installed with a washable and replaceable air intake filter plus a reset safety switch. It is easy to operate, transforming you into a professional almost instantly. You can always rely on the optimal performance of the hvlpTAN™ Turbine.

  • Canadian manufacturer FUJI SPRAY.
  • hvlpTAN™ Turbine.
  • 12-months manufacturer warranty.
  • TAN400 bleed valve style Applicator with 300cc Cup (holds 10 oz of solution)
  • 10-feet lightweight whip hose with quick connect
  • User manual
  • Wrench and cleaning brush
  • Perfect for light use

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